Enjoy the Serenity of 5-Star Hotel of Madinah

Staying in a 5-star hotel Madinah has always been special for few people that like to enjoy a real celebrity like experience. Monumental lodgings having an optimum level of space, magnificent lightings, spacious modern rooms, splendid dishes being served at the restaurant and several other in-door activities are something what majority of travellers look forward to.madinah-OnlineUmrah

If you are embarking upon a spiritual journey of a lifetime towards the city of Madinah, the above things can surely be expected from Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel and Millennium Taiba Hotel.

Let us look at each of these hotels from a close point of view.

Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel

leader al muna kareem hotel madinahLocated at one of the finest street of Madinah, Leader Al Muna Kareem is a well-deserved 5-star hotel Madinah meant for both leisure as well as business travellers. Ideally located just 70 meters way from Masjid Al Nabawi, this particular lodging sure to provide complete convenience to pilgrims.

Set on a modern yet sophisticated theme of light coloured hues and elegant looking furniture, this hotel is meant to provide a complete royal lush.

Guest rooms appear well-decorated with colourful wallpapers, carpeted floor, cosy beds and a contemporary style of facilities for experience an unforgettable staying pleasure.

Artistically featured lodging like this also features a well-equipped meeting area for corporate travellers.

Millennium Taiba Hotel

Millennium-Taiba-Hotel-MadinahMillennium Taiba Hotel is another magnificent looking 5-star hotel Madinah which is situated just few steps away from Masjid Al Nabawi.

Fully-furnished hotel like this displays a feeling of traditional architecture mixed with chandeliers, carpeted floor and a contemporary style furniture.

Also, meant for its serving of Arabic, Multi-cuisine, Continental and Middle Eastern meals at the restaurant, this lodging is surely hard to ignore.