Witness the Sacred Revolution Next Year

Umrah is the second highest relevant Muslim pilgrim after Hajj and is performed by millions every single year. The best example of this is the year of 2017, when an estimated 19 million Muslim individuals perform the sacred act breaking the record till so far.

As per the report of Saudi Arabia’s General Statistics, a total of 19,079, 306 pilgrims from all across the globe including of the Saudi Arabia perform Umrah in the year 2017.

Out of the huge estimated numbers of pilgrims for Umrah recorded in the year 2017, it was found that around 12,547,232 pilgrims belonged to different parts of the Saudi Arabia. Much to the astonishment of Islamic community is that around 6,532,074 were from other different parts of the world.

Recorded as highest ever numbers in the means of performing the sacred act of Umrah. There are numerous Umrah travel agents available for making every single person’s journey goes smooth and successful.

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Online Umrah is also responsible for providing latest and relevant news of Umrah and Hajj pilgrims in order to enrich knowledge of Muslim travellers.

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